Property Law

Pérez de Vargas Abogados also has a Property Law specialising in the legal aspects of all types of properties (office buildings, residential property, shopping centres, industrial premises, hotels, care homes, golf courses, marinas, etc.), with specific knowledge of the legal aspects to be taken into consideration during the sale or purchase and financing of these properties.

We also have extensive experience in the negotiation and draft of contracts as the following ones:

  • Work execution with supply of materials.
  • Provision of services with real estate professionals.
  • Preliminary contracts (reservation, purchase promise, deposit, etc..).
  • Purchase
  • Agency, mediation and brokerage with real estate agent.
  • Project Management

In the same way, our multidisciplinary team allows us to complement this service with advice on the other legal specialities involved (tax, commercial, company law), including consultancy and accounting services.

In addition, this legal, financial, economic and fiscal advice is provided in the client’s language due to the fact that we have a multilingual team of professionals, which guarantees the fulfilment of the legal requirements applied to invest or settle in our country.

Civil Law

Our Law Firm also renders services of assistance in civil order:

  • Obligations and contracts.
  • Real Estate rights.
  • Family.
  • Sucession and Donation.

In this sense, we shall highlight that lawyers specialized in Civil Law, work in close collaboration with lawyers specialized in other areas of Law, thus giving a global response to our clients’ needs, when linking civil order found both in relations between individuals and companies with different areas of Law.

Tax Law

Services rendered by Perez de Vargas Abogados to all their clients are completed with assistance in tax matters, which makes it possible to render an integral advice.

Effectively, impact of Tax Law is undeniable in all operations, that take place in the commercial trade, both with corporate and individuals. Thus, our lawyers are highly qualified for analysing impact of taxation in the commercial trade thus they can propose different options depending on client’s needs.

Highly qualification of professionals of our Law Firm –both lawyers and economists– in this area of Law, guarantees a strict and accurate tax advice.

Commercial & Companies Law

Since its founding, legal advice to companies has been one of the preferential dedications of Perez de Vargas Abogados. Thus, our Law Firm advices companies of many different sectors, including those called small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large enterprises.

As a consequence of the above, we count with a wide experience in the legal advice to enterprises. Such assistance includes resolution of queries that arise due to daily functioning of the enterprises, in collaboration with In-House Legal Departments, in its case, as well as study and drafting of contracts documenting business achieved by clients.

In addition, the department of Commercial and Company Law of Perez de Vargas Abogados count with specialized lawyers highly qualified to carry out operations of corporate restructuring, insolvency proceedings, as well as any type of court proceeding that implies an specific qualification in Commercial Law in general and in Company Law in particular.

Administrative & Urban Planning Law

Our Law Firm counts with a prestigious team of lawyers specialized in Urban Law who offers advice in matters of urban planning, development, management and town planning. Our Law Firm is leader rendering legal assistance in urban matters. The legal quality as well as the wide experience and the solid background of the professionals that are part of this area of practice, at Offices of Estepona and Marbella, are one of the hallmarks of Perez de Vargas Abogados.

The Urban Law department of the Law Firm Perez de also renders services of assistance in other types of files or administrative proceedings, which include the following, amongst others:

  • Administrative Contracting.
  • Expropriation
  • Economic-Administrative Claims.
  • Financial liability of the Public Administrations.
  • Sua sponte review proceedings.
  • Sanctioning Proceedings.
  • Legal protection proceedings regarding urban planning.
  • Appeals against administrative decisions.
  • Judicial reviews.

Please contact the Firm in order to request legal advice service or in case you have doubts and suggestions.

Procedural Law

The high qualifications of the solicitors working in this area, in addition to their expertise with the local Courts, ensure that each case will be approached and resolved in the most efficient way possible for the client.

Our Procedural Law solicitors organize themselves in teams for each project, depending on the subject in question and the complexity of the issue, with their intervention being recommended in civil procedures and judicial reviews.

In addition to the professional management of legal proceedings, the procedural division of Pérez de Vargas Abogados includes the provision of preventative advise in order to prevent the commencement of legal proceedings or, in the event of an out of court settlement not being attainable, to guarantee the strongest position possible to the client in the event of proceedings being eventually brought.

Banking Law

Our team of Banking Law professionals is deeply knowledgeable in this field and has extensive experience in the provision of services to financial institutions. This has enabled us to become one of the leading firms within this sector.

  • Legal management of foreclosures
  • Out of court sales of mortgaged properties
  • monetary attachments
  • small debt proceedings
  • loan and credit policies and security bonds
  • Declarative procedures on the nullity or validity of abusive clauses: soil, early maturity and interests of delay, etc…

Following one of our most solid principles, i.e. the on-going update and training, we have organised training programs on this matter for independent solicitors, solicitors employed in the internal legal division of financial institutions, Senior Judges, Judges and Secretaries and, in general, law professionals wanting to extend and refresh their knowledge in the above branch of law. In this sense, we can highlight a Conference on the practical legal issues relating to foreclosures organized in conjunction with the University of Malaga.

Pérez de Vargas Abogados also provides financial institutions with a “one-stop shop” service and the option to use our system to have online access to all your records and documents, thus making it easier for you to manage your records

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