Our Philosophy

Pérez de Vargas Abogados is consolidated as one of the leading law firms of Andalusia thanks to the strict and continuous compliance with a set of basic principles applicable to the provision of legal services. Please read on to find out more about the essential items defining and differentiating our firm from others:

  • Technical expertise and quality
  • A multidisciplinary service
  • Personal approach and continuous reporting to clients
  • Values
  • On-going training

Our extensive experience in the provision of legal advice is the result of forty years of service and a dilated experience in the business and economic sector. We have been successfully providing daily advice to companies, particularly within the banking and real estate sectors, for all these years.

The expertise of our team of reputed professionals, in combination with their high qualifications and technical-legal training, allow us to attain high quality standards in the provision of legal advice, a feature that distinguishes our law firm. Additionally, our knowledge management system allows our professionals access to a shared resource which contains the work of all the members of the firm, thus allowing the exchange of experiences, ideas and knowledge, as well as criteria coordination.

Pérez de Vargas Abogados is integrated by a team with multiple fields of expertise in Administrative, Town Planning, Banking, Civil, Property, Procedural and Company Law, as well as in the provision of comprehensive advice to corporates and financial institutions.

The teams integrating the various areas in the various branches of our firm work together in order to provide a global service to our clients. Additionally, we allocate a Senior solicitor to be responsible for the management of each case. Our Senior solicitors study the case and coordinate the various professionals involved internally. This method of work has been developed with the only purpose of serving the needs of our clients and finding the best solution for their issues.

The members of our law firm keep a close and personal relationship with our clients, allowing them to become deeply knowledgeable of their circumstances and requirements with the purpose of efficiently adapting to their needs and protecting their interests.

Additionally, we continuously update the client on all the steps of the process, in order to keep them constantly and fully informed and invite them to cooperate with our team in designing the most adequate strategy.

In summary, we believe that taking a personal approach with the client, keeping in continuous communication and being immediately responsive to all their queries are essential criteria in the provision of our services.

Effort, worth and excellence are the defining elements of our work. These elements gain us the trust of our clients and contribute to attain the best outcomes.

Furthermore, Pérez de Vargas Abogados has been known by its honest approach and strict compliance with the Ethical Code of Law Professionals for over forty years, as well as for its cooperation in various educational and cultural projects developed on the Costa del Sol.

On-going training is one of the basic strengths of Pérez de Vargas Abogados. We promote training by organising events in order to deal with the most controversial legal issues and those issues having the greatest business impact. Additionally, we cooperate with academic institutions and provide a legal update service to our clients by means of letters where we analyse the latest news on law and case law in relation to their corporate or private needs.

Our on-going legal training is complemented with excellent skills in technological innovation and ability to adapt to social and economic changes. The positive development experienced by our firm would not have been possible without them.

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