New Draft Land Bill of Andalusia.

06 June 2020
Anteproyecto de la ley de impulso para la sostenibilidad del territorio de andalucía URBANISMO COSTA DEL SOL

The new Draft Land Bill of Andalusia has been issued for public consultation during June. This allows proposed changes to be made by citizens before the Bill’s formal introduction.

It has been announced that it will be processed as urgent with the aim of reducing to half the deadline for its approval by the Andalusian Parliament.

We highlight some of the most relevant aspects of the Draft Bill:

– Simplification of the procedures to approve land and urban planning.
– Implementation of a lesser rigid system of general planning than the current one.
– Tailored planning systems for small villages.
– Substitution of the current General Urban Development Plan for two new planning systems: Municipal Development Plan and Urban Development Plan.
– Recognition of the full competence of Town Halls to approve their own land and urban planning in accordance to the principle of local autonomy.
– Modulation of the invalidity of land and urban planning.
– Applicable regimen to planning breach buildings.
– Promotion of the economic base of rural areas.

Once the Bill is approved by the Andalusian Parliament we will issue a new circular with comments on the Law.

Written by


Pérez de Vargas López

[email protected]

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